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Your ratings and reviews, comments and suggestions on sites listed here are *VERY* much appreciated, and encouraged! We will be doing our best to rate and review sites, but a much larger input is desired. Not everyone has the same views on every site, or aspect of the sites. Diversity.

Galleries! Yes! Galleries! We are finalizing code that will allow us to have galleries of images in a lot of different formats. We'll be opening other sites to display a wide range of Body-as-Art images, as well as allowing for attachment of images to links on

Models wanted!! All sorts of models, but especially fetish/alt/goth/figure/art. Check out the Models Wanted page for more details.

For those of you who depend on your images bringing new people to your site, or attracting attention for what you do, we'll have some special deals for you to gain that attention on some well-surfed, very well targeted and specific interest sites. If you are interested, please contact us through our discussion forums, as they are far more reliable than email (and spam filters).


911 Death Toll x2 or x3 or x5?

Flag-draped coffins of U.S. war casualties are seen aboard cargo planes

Nov 8th: We've Won! "We The People" have taken back our government, and hopefully our country. Maybe your sacrifices won't have been so totally in vain.

Jan 21st: Unfortunately, people are still dying, and it's not over. Maybe, sanity will prevail, and we'll start withdrawing, not building up. It must end.

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Bodyart Gallery will be returning shortly!! Images and links to other galleries wanted.
Models Wanted! Pittsburgh (bodyart) and Austin (bodyart, "Goth", other).

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